End-to-end service satisfaction management

Rekeep United aims to increase patient satisfaction by serving at hospitals and health facilities with its dedicated employees.

Rekeep United has international experience concerning business activities such as technical services, cleaning, security, property management and auxiliary services being applied with digital technology support via IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems) in the public and private sector  in healthcare field.

It was established in 2018 in İstanbul as the Turkish-Italian partnership. The two partners of the company are Rekeep S.p.a. a market leader in Italy, and United Group, a wholly Turkish capital that operates in various fields of service sector in Turkey. Combining the added value of their partners in their own business areas, Rekeep United meets important needs of the industry with its technological and creative service understanding, especially in the services that focus on the health sector. Having 80 years of experience in facility management, Rekeep operates in more than 1,700 projects per year in the healthcare sector and serves more than 140 hospitals.

In the coming years, Rekeep United will offer affordable and high-standard services that will benefit everyone in need while adding value to Turkish economy as well.

Our Services

Facility Management Services

Facility Management consists of logistics and organisational support services provided for property users with the goal of optimising the management of activities conducted within the building.

The Group provides the following Facility Management Services:

  • Technical Maintenance Services
  • Landscaping
  • Environmental Hygiene (Cleaning)
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Logistical Services
  • Property Management
  • Heat Management

Technical Maintenance Services
(Technical Services)

These include a defined set of management, operating and maintenance services for plants serving buildings (heat, electricity, water plants, elevating systems, etc.), such as:

  • Management, running and maintenance of plants
  • Design and execution of renovations and works to adapt to safety standards
  • Design and installation of devices for energy savings and to reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere


Set of services for the design, creation and maintenance of green spaces: from the green spaces of health care facilities or management offices to the entire green infrastructure of a city or Municipality.

Environmental Hygiene (Cleaning)

Cleaning and hygiene, sanitation, disinfection, pest control and rat extermination services, medical waste collection and transport.

Auxiliary Services

Customer support services such as internal mail-room services, doorman and reception services, access control, space management and space planning, move in – move out.

Logistical Services

Specialist services provided mainly for the health care sector: pharmaceutical logistics, integrated management of hospital supply storerooms, medical/surgical device management, office supply management, l record management and archiving, movement and transport of biological materials and laboratory specimens, patient movement and transport.

Property Management

Coordinating the management of all property obligations within a single process, with the aim of maximising profitability, especially by collecting the documentation needed to provide the service in terms of maintenance, tax and administration.

Heat Management

Complete building climate control management: from fuel supply, management and maintenance, to the renovation and optimisation of heating and air conditioning plants.

Rekeep United Facility Management offers results-based contracts, and takes responsibility for the effectiveness.

Cleaning & Hygiene Management

(Health Facilities, Hospitals, Sterile Rooms, Laboratories)


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