Rekeep S.p.A. consolidates its presence in the Turkish market by acquiring the majority of the EOS Company

Following the transaction, the Rekeep holds 51% of the Turkish company active in “wash-hand” and sterilization of linen and surgical instruments to support healthcare.

Rekeep S.p.A. announces that its subsidiary  has finalized an operation on the capital of the Turkish EOS company aimed at achieving the majority (the “Operation”).

In detail, following the Transaction, the MFM Group holds 51% of the EOS company, while the remaining 49% is held by the Turkish group Ertunç Özcan.

EOS, which has its registered office in Ankara, is active in “wash-hand” and sterilization of linen and surgical instruments to support healthcare in Turkey and can count on a number of important orders in the portfolio, including the Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital of Istanbul, Ataturk Training and Research Hospital in Ankara and the Integrated Health Care Campus of Mersin and Isparta, public-private partnership projects that are part of the investment program aimed at modernizing the Turkish health sector through the construction of dozens of new hospitals. Overall, EOS employs over 150 people.

The acquisition will have a positive impact on the consolidated turnover of the Rekeep from the date of acquisition. In 2017 EOS reported revenues of approximately 3 million euros and EBITDA of 0.5 million euros.

The acquisition is part of the international development strategy of MFM through direct awards or M & A transactions, with particular reference to the Gulf countries and Europe, as well as other areas that could present interesting opportunities for the future development of the Group.

The operation is even more significant as follows the recent award in France by the Rekeep of the European tender announced by SNCF – Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français, the National Company of the French Railways, concerning the supply of soft facility services management on the lines of the Montrouge sector. This five-year contract, with the possibility of renewal for a further 15 months, has a total value of approximately 20 million euros.

Giuliano Di Bernardo, Chairman and Managing Director of Rekeep, commented: “Rekeep is continuing its international development strategy and, after the important contract recently acquired in the French market, thanks to this new operation, it can look even further. interest in the Turkish market. In fact, EOS boasts high specialist skills in the field of “wash-hand” and sterilization of linen and surgical instruments to support healthcare, as well as a deep knowledge of the local market and, thanks to the synergistic union with our Group, it will now be able to count on even more solid economic and financial bases to grow and develop over the next few years “.