The Rekeep Group acquires 60% of Medical Device S.r.l.

The acquisition was completed through a capital increase underwritten by the subsidiary Servizi Ospedalieri. Medical Device is a company specialized in the production of procedural kits for the healthcare sector.

Rekeep S.p.A. has acquired, through its wholly owned subsidiary Servizi Ospedalieri SpA, a 60% stake in the share capital of Medical Device Srl, a company specializing in the production of procedural kits for the healthcare sector, ie single use packs containing all the devices necessary to support the health team in the execution of surgical procedures. The operation, concluded through the signing of a capital increase by Hospital Services, is part of the growth and development strategy of Rekeep, which provides for entry into specialist sectors, alongside the core business, increasing its presence and consolidating the Group’s leadership at national and international level in the services businesses supporting healthcare activities.

In particular, the operation allows Hospital Services to expand its offer, through the acquisition of a unique know-how, and therefore constitutes an important opportunity for its entry into a growing market. In fact, through this acquisition, the Rekeep Group has set itself the goal of enhancing the Medical Device through an organic development on the Italian market in the custom pack sector, particularly as regards the hybrid kits patented by Ospedalieri Services, an exclusive novelty that combines world of disposable drapes with that of reusable fabrics, guaranteeing the end user the maximum quality expressed by both products.

Following the capital increase, Gerardo Mastropietro, previously a sole shareholder of Medical Device, will hold the remaining 40% of the Company’s share capital and will continue to hold the position of Chief Executive Officer. Massimiliano De Marco, current President of Servizi Ospedalieri, will also take on the role of President of Medical Device.

Medical Device is active in the production of procedural kits intended to provide operating room staff, surgery or specialized department with the material needed for specific surgical procedures. In detail, over the years the Company has acquired certifications for the marketing of Class 3 medical devices, particularly critical for their intended use and which require very complex certification procedures from the Notified Bodies. The Company, which recorded revenues of € 4.4 million for the year ended December 31, 2017, has about 30 employees and is based in Montevarchi (Arezzo).